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That's a fantastic combination that consists of a striped long-sleeve top and high-waisted bottom.

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White long-sleeve red striped top looks fantastic tucked in a maxi skirt. Here we see a perfect style that consists of a light gray sweatshirt worn atop white shirt that is tucked in a relaxed fit skirt.
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Single button closure at front jacket. Hex velvet plaid 56 inch tree skirt with inset green border. Short Button-Down Dresses by Blair. Classic pleats in a comfortable, drapey design that s made with our easy-care fa Create a look that would make Cher Horowitz proud with this golden yellow plaid Burlap plaid cardinal 48 inch tree skirt with plaid border.

The ultimate classic a Plaid A-line Skirt it's an integral part of the timeless Juniors Joe Benbasset o-ring metal detail pencil skirt with an elastic waist, a Compare at 2 Sellers. A traditional glen plaid print adds a classic feel to this stretchy pencil skirt With its graceful skirt -like look, you'd never guess this skort hides comfortabl Grab your favorite pair of black boots, and pair them with the wool-like Archite Even some men who wear skirts are very insistent that they aren't wearing a skirt, despite the obvious fact that they are.

I mean, if you're walking around with a turtle on your head and someone asks you why you have a turtle on your head, then to say, "It isn't a turtle, it's a tortoise. You haven't made any real distinction or answered the question of the inquirer. But, if it makes you feel better, then go right ahead and play the semantics game.

Don't call it a skirt. Call it a loincloth if you have to. If you don't like loincloth, there are many other words to choose from. Here is a list:. If somebody knows another one, post it to me using the form at the bottom of this page and I'll add it to the list. You'll do better to stop arguing and start educating.

In the consciousness of society there are things that are decidedly male garments and things that are decidedly female garments. Men don't wear bras or string bikini bathing suit tops. What don't women wear? I think I've seen women in ties The thing to remember is that in our gender confused world is that most garments are worn by both sexes at the right time and place. The best example for the Men in Skirts idea is hats. There are men's hats and women's hats. Some of them have different names, but they're all hats.

If someone says, "Hey! I like your hat! Save them from the slow strangulation of their manhood by the evils of modern fashion! That's kind of gruesome The bottom line is that there are skirts for men and skirts for women. Even those without much fashion sense ought to be able to tell the difference in about two seconds if you point it out to them.

Even so, there are a lot of guys with various hang-ups, from clothing addiction to something that ranges between body shame and self loathing. Let's try to fix that, shall we? The history of clothing is the history of civilization. In our culture today, men and women wear pants, but it wasn't always so. Pants were, at one time, considered an exclusively male garment. Pants weren't actually popular until after when Bryan Brummell began dispensing fashion tips.

So what did men wear before the development of pants? The ancient Egyptians wore dresses and skirts. Going further back, so did the ancient Sumerians. Alexander the Great conquered the whole world while wearing a skirt. The Greeks wore togas, and the Chinese wore dresses yes, men too. How long did this men in skirts thing go on? Well, just have a look at Christopher Columbus here. He's wearing a lovely green tunic, tights, and leather shoes, with a large overcoat and leather beanie.

Not exactly the striking picture of manhood that we often think about in this day and age. I imagine that if you'd have told Chris that he looked like a girl in that skirt, he'd have stuck you pretty quick with that knife he's got To continue this little fashion parade, let's have a look at Thomas Jefferson.

He's not wearing pants either. About most men begin wearing breeches, a tight garment worn from the waist to the knee with stockings covering the rest of the leg, "Britches" was an informal word for breeches. They were looser than the tight pantaloon were favored for daytime wear while pantaloons were more evening attire.

Trousers were worn over breeches when horseback riding to keep the more formal clothing clean. Sailors had been wearing the looser fit work trousers since the s since the legs could be rolled up for wading ashore or climbing rigging. These pant-like garments were strictly for the lower class males however.

Ladies and Gentlemen wore skirts until The French revolution of was also a revolt against breeches as being too upper class. The country peasant trouser look was in. In Sir Harry Lumsden, commanding as English troop in Punjab, India traded in his bright white trousers for pajama bottoms to find relief from the heat.

To disguise them he colored them to blend with the local terrain using mazari, a native plant. Thus the birth of Khaki, the Hindu word for "dust". Amazing the things you learn on the internet, eh? Another word which is interchangeable with pants and trousers is slacks, which was coined by the Haggar Corporation in the s as a promotion for their casuals pants, to be worn during your "slack" time between work and sports.

So, now that you have educated yourself on the history of men's clothing, you can see that pants are just some kind of recent fad. Men wore skirts for at least ten thousand years. We've only been wearing pants for the last two hundred. The vast majority of the male population of the planet still wears skirts today!

If you don't want to read this part, you can skip it and go straight to Hiking in Skirts. Some people I've talked to - specifically some strongly opinionated Fundamentalist Christians I know - sometimes reject the idea that men should wear skirts on religious grounds. This is just the usual repression and if thought out rationally the arguments don't hold water.

A skirt is obviously a modest garment. Of course a lot of the argument surrounds Deuteronomy We're talking about wearing 'gender correct' clothing. I'm really not interested in wearing high heels - even though that particular fashion was invented for men too If someone hits you with Deuteronomy Well, lets go ahead and ask the usual question, "What would Jesus do?

Well, he wore a tunic or Alb, as illustrated below, tied with a sash or cord. Looks remarkably like a dress, doesn't it? Tunic or Alb Illustration from Madelieine S. Jesus was rather comfortable with himself, as evidenced from John After that he poureth water into a bason, and began to wash the disciples' feet, and to wipe them with the towel wherewith he was girded.

I don't think that anyone assumes that Jesus was a cross dresser. What about the prophets? What did the prophets wear? Traditionally, sleeveless cloaks - just like the alb above - and the Priests all wore them too. If you read Isaiah 20, you can see that Isaiah prophesied for three years while completely naked, but that was rather unusual.

Maybe it's a bad example to use here Interestingly enough, we can ask the question, "What does God himself wear? God wears a skirt! I could go a lot further and give a lot more references. Let's just say that the Pope doesn't wear pants and leave it at that. If a fanatic gives you a hard time about being in women's clothing, show them your scriptures and challenge them to show you where the Bible says that men have to wear pants.

Trust me, it ain't in the book. Anyway, that's enough of that If you need more references on body shame and religion, you can read Is Nakedness a Sin? Well, I'm getting to that. If you've read much of this website, you've probably figured out that whenever possible I hike naked , hike nude , and hike natural. The trouble is that on well traveled trails, this isn't practical, and in some cases isn't desirable.

At 40 below, your sensitive parts freeze pretty darned quick. Trust me on that. For the most part, though, I hate pants. I'm not even very keen on shorts. I didn't even get married in pants. I got married in a Kimono. So, what's the next best thing to being a natural animal in his or her natural habitat?

There are a couple of very good reasons to wear skirts in the backcountry, and some are obvious and some are not. There are also some reasons and circumstances not to wear a skirt in the backcountry, and those apply to women as well as men. Let's start with the basics: Now, unless you are less than about a year old, it isn't going to be any secret to you that a man has some special dangly parts.

If you aren't familiar with this, you may need to have an adult explain it to you. A man has a penis and two testicles suspended in the hammock-like scrotum. Wondered how I'd get the hammock reference in, didn't you? Now this whole 'package' is designed to dangle. There are some very good reasons for the dangling.

One of them is virility. The testicles need to be a few degrees cooler than the rest of the body to effectively produce viable sperm. Wearing restrictive clothing is bad for virility. Just ask any urologist. I suppose that generously endowed men may need something to keep their dangly parts from dragging the ground, but I don't have that problem personally.

That sort of brings us around to underwear. Traditionally, nothing is worn under the skirt. Underwear is one of those relatively new fads as well.

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