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This may be the sneakiest way it reaches us and I always see a surge of sunburns after overcast summer days. We can also provide product photo enlargements and descriptions by email. It takes 1 ounce to cover the entire body and a nickel size amount to cover just the face.

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A comfortable shirt to wear over the warmer months is a must for your outdoor lifestyle. The latest Vipan Women s Short Sleeve Shirt has a fresh looking design without side seams for your comfort.

Offering stretch and breathability, it s a lightweight hiking option with a hidden pocket. When the insects bug off and the sun comes out, roll up the Tonaca s sleeves with ease. When the insects bug off and the sun comes out, roll up the Koruna s sleeves. Made from lightweight, stretch fabric for comfort and performance the Barros has a low profile, zippered chest pocket, fold up collar visor to protect the back of your neck from the sun and side and underarm seams placed away from chafe….

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A sun visor collar that can be raised to protect the back of your neck adds extra functionality to…. Showing 1 - 11 of 11 articles Sort by: Flinders Men's Hiking Shirt.

Flinders Men's Hiking Shirt …infused with a high-tech moisture control system that puts sweat to work - wicking moisture away from your skin, cooling you down as it evaporates.

Tapah Women's Hiking Shirt. Vipan Women's Hiking Shirt. Vipan Women's Hiking Shirt Our Vipan short sleeve shirt ticks all the boxes for your outdoor adventures.

The Vipan has a sun visor for back neck protection, mesh back yoke lining with… URL http: Vipan Women s Short Sleeve Shirt. Vipan Women s Short Sleeve Shirt A comfortable shirt to wear over the warmer months is a must for your outdoor lifestyle. Tonaca Women's buzzGUARD Shirt …next hike or adventure travel experience needs dependable kit to protect against mozzies, harsh rays and excessive moisture.

Ocular melanomas develop between ages 55 and 65 most often and usually are detected on an ophthalmic examination without symptoms. They are a disease of people whose families emigrated from Europe and rare in Asia and Africa. The more north in Europe your family is from the higher the incidence of ocular melanoma. Unlike cutaneous melanomas, sunlight plays no role in their development. Ocular melanoma should be treated by an ophthalmologist who specializes in treating eye cancers as most Ophthalmologists have limited experience in managing these tumors.

Abramson combined his love of Ophthalmology with his scientific background, surgical training, research skills and desire to help people of all ages to become one of the few specialists qualified to treat ocular melanoma.

If you would like to attend the Wings of Hope Gala or learn more ways to support the Melanoma Research Foundation , visit: As far back in my childhood and adult life as I can remember, I have had countless sunburns. I have had some so severe that it hurt to wear clothes or lay down. One time, when I was a teenager living in Midland, Texas, I put on shorts and a backless halter top and thought I would surprise my parents while they were at work by trimming the edge of the lawn.

My back later that day was covered in huge water blisters from being so sunburned! From vacations to family outings, there have been numerous times that I burned in the sun and ruined the entire occasion. None of those times did I put on sunscreen or cover my head with a hat. Heck no, that would look stupid, I sadly thought. Later as an adult, I would visit the tanning beds in the summertime so that when we went on vacations, I would have my body use to the rays and I thought that would keep me from burning as bad.

It would work sometimes, but little did I know that all the past UV exposure would soon come back to haunt me. It was merely a small, red spot! No itching, no bleeding, no scabbing. My MD referred me to a Dermatologist whom I saw for a biopsy. Two long weeks later, he called me at work to tell me he found cancer cells.

Just that word alone was upsetting. I went back to that same Dermatologist to have a larger biopsy on the same area done with even more stitches. He sent it off to the lab and sure enough, another two weeks passed again and he called to let me know the cancer cells were still present.

They quickly prepped me for surgery as soon as I arrived. They did a scalp sweep and did a skin graft off my right thigh to cover the bone. Over a hundred stitches and a metal cap later, the surgery was finally over. To be fair, how could you ever tell someone they had a 2-centimeter-deep hole on the top of their head and explain to them that the hair would never grow back. But, my surgeons said they were hopeful they got it all and at the end of the day, I was lucky this tiny, red spot was caught.

I cannot blame anyone but myself for what I have done by being unprotected all those times in the sun. Sunburn after sunburn, I never learned my lesson. Educate yourself on the dangers of UV exposure. Take time to put on sunscreen or a hat. Check your body whenever you get a chance. His name was Michael. So Michael took control and got it done right then and there. At the time, Ryan was in a paralytic, sedated state, so Michael knew that hanging the mobile was really more for my benefit than for his, so that I could feel like I was doing something to help my very sick son.

That was 22 years ago. When he and Paula got married, we knew that he was managing each new melanoma occurrence with courage and determination. There was never an ounce of self-pity… he just did what needed to be done. He became a dad to two beautiful boys, Jack and Andrew who, along with my sister, were the lights of his life. He was an amazingly loving and involved father, and when he died six years ago, we all lost one of the best people to ever come into our lives and our hearts.

Jack is now 19 and Andrew Jack has been an amazing big brother to Andrew, who has Down Syndrome, and my sister has been an extraordinary mom! Jack and Andrew are gifts that Michael left with us. At a young age, they faced the worst kind of loss, yet they have embraced life and challenges just like their dad did.

They inspire me every single day. Both Jack and Andrew are genetically predisposed to developing melanoma, so when Michael lost his battle with this horrible cancer, I became determined to help in some way.

This is what led me to the Melanoma Research Foundation. I took on the role of Auction Chair this year for the first time because I wanted to do more to help with fundraising.

My dear friends here in Summit, Tom and Cathie Westdyk, are dealing with their own personal story with melanoma, as their son, Christopher, was diagnosed with melanoma five years ago at the age of He now is a stage four survivor at the age of Talk about an inspiration!

To know that there are so many kind, caring and compassionate people in this world has lifted my spirit and makes me smile every single day. To close the circle on the beginning of my story, I knew Michael for only about four months when my son, Ryan, died.

Yet, his presence probably had the greatest impact on me. My sister loved Ryan as if he was her own and was as broken-hearted as I was when Ryan passed.

Michael, with his strength and love, held onto Paula from that day forward and never let her go. In fact, he held onto all of us in some way. For that and for my nephews, I will always be grateful and will always try to do something that makes a difference. Thankfully, the MRF has given me the opportunity to do it. At Coolibar, we take our mission to heart. True to our mission, we champion skin cancer awareness and prevention, and we encourage everyone to enjoy the outdoors with sun safe practices.

Rigorous 3 rd party UV testing of our fabric samples, adhering to high-quality standards, and working with medical professionals to better understand preventative measures related to UV exposure, are just a few of the ways we strive to be the leaders in the industry. I am very proud to announce Coolibar has been honored by the Melanoma Research Foundation as the recipient of the Corporate Leadership Award. We humbly share this award with each, and every one of you, for helping us champion our mission every day.

Without your stories, passion, and dedication, our mission might be impossible to accomplish. With your help, we know Together We Will change the skin cancer statistics. If you would like to attend the Wings of Hope Gala or learn more ways to support the Melanoma Research Foundation, visit here. The New York Wings of Hope for Melanoma gala started off 17 years ago as a small dinner among friends. It was an opportunity to bring together a group of people who were passionate about finding a cure for melanoma and recognize a medical expert in the field who would bring us closer to this goal.

The physician honoree shared with the group the most recent updates on research and encouraged them to continue their support of the MRF until we have better treatment outcomes for ALL patients. We honor dedicated clinicians and nurses, courageous patients and caregivers and generous corporate partners that are driving us ever closer to a cure. Together we have a shared vision — hope and a future without melanoma.

Moving us towards a cure takes a village of passionate individuals from across the United States. We hope the more than one million Americans who are impacted by this disease realize that their dollars matter and their voice is heard.

Without them, the enduring mission of the MRF would not be possible and we are immensely grateful for the generous and creative ways our community shows their support. Together, we will cure melanoma. When our son Carter was 11 months old, we found out that he had Oculocutaneous Albinism Type 2.

Or OCA2 What that means is that he has less pigment in his eyes, hair, and skin. As parents, hearing that was terrifying, but it also made us want to do whatever we could to keep him especially his skin safe. When we found out about this, we were a month away from going on our first family vacation to the Virgin Islands. We met with a dermatologist who stressed the importance of sun protection. I immediately began searching for the perfect hat for him to wear.

We needed to know that our baby was going to be completely protected. Not only on the beach, but anytime that our family ventured outside. My mother in law was the one who discovered Coolibar , where we found so much more than a hat.

We found swimwear and clothing, but most importantly we found a peace of mind. Not only do we have the Albinism to worry about, but our son was also later diagnosed with Autism. Due to both the Albinism and the Autism, Carter struggles a lot with light sensitivity.

Being in the bright sun for too long can really shut him down and cause him to get headaches. Not only does the bill of the hat help shield his eyes from the sun, but the flap protects his ears and neck from potential burning. Coolibar has taken the pressure off, by providing additional UV protection.

Thanks, Coolibar , for allowing us to still have these experiences, worry-free. Kathryn Dempsey is a board-certified dermatologist who practices in Mobile, Alabama and spends her weekends at Orange Beach. She enjoys teaching about the importance of daily sun protection. Here she has provided some tips on the sneaky ways ultraviolet rays reach us to ensure you stay educated and protected! And now that you know the sneaky ways that UV rays are reaching you, think about how much you really get — far more than 2 minutes a day.

Therefore, it is so important to protect yourself on a day to day basis and this starts with sun protective clothing. If we all did this on a daily basis, I assure you there would be a lot less skin cancer in this world! Trent is a world-recognized dermatologist, who has published over 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 6 chapters in various dermatologic textbooks on surgery and wound care. Follow these tips and you will be able to enjoy the outdoors without getting a sunburn, which can ruin your summer and your skin.

Sunburns are a reddening and blistering of the skin from overexposure to the deadly ultraviolet UV radiation of the sun. Sunburns and cumulative sun exposure lead to the development of skin cancers. Every year, over 5 million Americans will be diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancers NMSC and over ,00 Americans will be diagnosed with melanoma MM. One dies every hour in the United States from MM. These stats are scary but also very preventable! Seek shade or the indoors to stay safe. Here are certain tips which will help you with sunscreens.

Sunscreen is very important, but cannot by itself protect as well as the combination of sunscreen with protective clothing. Make sure you see your dermatologist at least every year to check your skin for cancer. Early detection and treatment is the key to surviving skin cancer. Prevention is the best, but sometimes we forget to be as conscientious about sun protection as we need to be.

We are only human. If you do get a sunburn, just remember to reassess your sun protection habits so it does not happen again. Stay safe out there this summer! Beaches and waves are often enjoyed in different ways rather than hiking them with a 9-foot oversized walleye rod. However, in my opinion, this is the best way to enjoy a beach and really get to know not only about the aquatic life, but the community surrounding it.


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