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Emanuelle Alt rocks puffy sleeve jackets and she is the epitome of edgy. The yellow one looks yummy! March 30, at 4: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle with like colors. Youthful and sophisticated at once, this stylishly charming Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket gets a ladylike appeal with the grosgrain trim and gleaming silver buttons; a pretty accent piece for your dresse

Puff sleeve jackets look especially good on narrow shoulders and pear shaped ladies because the volume of the puff extends the line of the shoulder, thereby creating visual balance between the top and bottom parts of the body.
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Puff sleeve jackets look especially good on narrow shoulders and pear shaped ladies because the volume of the puff extends the line of the shoulder, thereby creating visual balance between the top and bottom parts of the body.
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Beautifully fitted - classical tailoring. Chest pit to pit 88cm. This is the perfect Little Black Jacket! Frill Shift Peplum Style. We will honestly rate situation. Two short side vents at the back. Ladies custom made blazer with matching top Size Please see all photos for details and measurements.

Cream, Black, Red, Royal Blue. Zara basic blazer fitted size xs Fit size 6 Gorgeous style used worn tiny pull see pic Hence low bidding price Sold out No returns Closet clear.

Has lots of detailing Has unique collar with silk on the back part has a phelum like bottom and gorgeous back detailing. Stunnning pattern on the gorgeous black lace with a nice weight to it. Not flimsy at all and slightly structured.

Deep V cut with unique snap button closures. Gorgeous puff shoulder long sleeve detail A crisp blazer with so-trendy puff shoulders that take your work looks to the next level.

Pair it with a little black dress or a sleek button-up and dress pant combo for a sophisticated ensem Crew pinstripe blue one button blazer.

Perfect for a work piece. So not a nay…just cautious. I like this trend because I have a narrow and sloping shoulder line and I find it complements my pear shape. I want to try on the Zara one right away. Now, if only the fashion industry would bring back shoulder pads, I would be in 80s heaven!! Absolutely a favorite of mine — the pleated cap. Much better on me than straight masculine tailoring — feel less burly. I definitely like it, particularly the more subdued and pleated versions.

I would love the red J Crew blazer, or the white one next to it. For my relatively narrow shoulders and pear tendencies, I think this is one of my best silhouettes for a blazer, in fact. The puff keeps it feminine while adding volume on top. Awwww… I love it Angie. The cobalt one is so gorgeous. Plus I guess this style would suit my figure and style , no? I also feel for myself as a woman of a particular age and bustiness it is not a look I am comfortable with for the reasons you state too twee and juvenile I will enjoy this on others, but probably stay away myself.

I enjoy the photos and think some of you will rock them … on myself i feel ready to play football American style as soon as i add volume to my shoulder line. Besides, I have a tiny narrow face and broadening shoulders, large collars, big scarves…are out of proportion on me. It was the perfect summer blazer.

I literally wore that till it was a rag. Since I wear so much black and menswear tailoring it really visually lightened my look for summer and since I have sloping shoulders it was very flattering. I totally love it. Like all things, if done well and balanced in an outfit, on the right body type, I think it can look great!

I wear it, and had assumed it was dated. I love this trend and have been wearing it for a while now. I think it works brilliantly on pear shapes like mine.

The added shoulder width is a godsend. I have a navy blue Zara blazer, that is of a longer length, that I wear non-stop. It seems that I have been ahead of the curve on this one.

I think this is such a cute trend but, I have wide width shoulders. I have to leave this trend behind. I remember wearing puffed sleeves in the eighties. But these seem more polished and structured to me. I really love everything about it. I like the look of these quite a bit — refreshing. Like Laura, I think it would be a great choice for pear shapes, and I would be ready to try a refined shoulder pad look.

Like you Angie I prefer pleated and would wear the yellow, blue, and light blue right away. The red J Crew looks fun but not sure if the color is too muted for me — I like bright tomato red and looks like this might have too much pink undertones in it to make the color a bit cooler for my personal taste.

I was going to automatically reject this look with my IT tendencies, but the penny dropped after reading how the strong shouldered can possibly wear a version of this jacket. Thank you so much for the guidelines. This style would work well for my sister with her narrow sloping shoulders, feminine style and pear shape.

I think this would be hard for me with my prominent shoulders. Also, it veers very feminine to my eye. You actually took the words out of my mouth Angie, when you said you prefer more architectural pleats instead of gathers, as that is my preference too. It is probably not for me as I have strong, straight shoulders, but I may try a couple and see how it looks. The shoulders of the black BR looks less peaky and might work for me.

I love subtle puff sleeves. They make my dainty slope-y shoulders look broad and balance my broad hips. But I do have a puff sleeved body con dress with full sleeves and I love the way it looks on me. I love the way subtle puffed shoulders look on others but every one I have ever tried makes me look like a linebacker. I think I will enjoy it on others.

My initial reaction to this sleeve type is no. However I have a few shirts with this detail — flat pleats at the shoulder. However by itself this is not enough to get me to buy a jacket or leave it in the store. Very pretty jackets, but I shall sit this one out. I would like to try on the cobalt one, just to see how it looks. I am not a fan of this look. I prefer the more masculine version of a blazer for style and for fit. My broad shoulders never fit puffy sleeves properly.

All about options, but will likely sit this one out. Agree that structured pleats are more appealing for me than gathers, but still prefer a more streamlined look. Nay for me — never been a fan and have culled anything with a remote puff from the closet. I realize some people can pull it off and look great, but I have a poison eye for the puff.

I have very narrow and sloping shoulders. I think this would flatter me, just not sure I will find one comfortable. I love a subtle puff sleeve not the giant 80s ones. I have sloping shoulders and they are extremely flattering. I never stopped wearing them to be honest. My cobalt and fuchsia knit blazers both have small puff shoulders.

They look very similar to you examples despite being a couple of years old I think the style is still being made. In any way, or on anyone. Even though my shoulders are just average in width and slightly sloping, this look is way to girly for me. I like this style, but not the gathered version. I bat for Team Pretty as well, but to me the gathered caps look too sweet to me. I prefer the tucked or pleated versions as long as the jacket has an overall modern look.

I have a cream light weight one, with subtle pleating and minimally puffed shoulders. I bought it last summer and felt ambivalent about it the first time I tried it on. When it went on sale I retried it and decided it would look okay with a cream silk, scoop neck top and jeans. More than happy with this combination and the style is a nice variation from my other jackets. One will be enough though.

You know, I was thinking…maybe we are unconsciously influenced by our own body type when it comes to preferences. Every person who gushed about the style has narrow shoulders. I bet every person who has an aversion to it does not. I have the same puffed sleeve knit blazer that Diana has, from a couple of years ago.

I enjoy wearing it, but I do not think I will be adding more. But who knows, if the right jacket shows up, i may change my mind! I have wide shoulders and my gut reaction to this style is quite negative. That being said, if it really took over, I can imagine myself wearing a blazer with very inset pleated sleeves. Not willing to say never but definitely a no for now. On one hand, they emphasize my shoulder line, help me look a little less crooked one shoulder is more square than the other , and help balance out my lower half, so…yay to that.

On the other hand, the style generally looks a little too girlie for me. I just find it extremely unsophisticated and juvenile. If it proves to be otherwise in particular style iterations, I will change my mind. Some women can pull it off well, but mostly, I have not seen it looking good to my eye. Classic blazers can give me a humorless bureaucratic air. I love a versatile topper but often want to look creative and light-hearted.

These jackets have that vibe and can be flattering on my tall, long-necked, long-limbed, elliptical body. I will pass and admire from afar.

Quite the mixed response, which is fascinating. Lasses with small shoulder lines, sloping shoulder lines, and pear shaped tendencies are quite understandably liking the puff sleeve jacket. I vote go for it, ladies. Suz, good point about wearing the style in black to add a little toughness to the look. My heart is still after the light blue though.

Mona, Neel and Ramya, my thumbs are up. You bat for Team Pretty and have the shoulder lines to wear the look with panache. Aziraphale, this is your second unequivocal poison eye. And yes, I think we enjoy certain styles because they suit our body type.

I am not much of a jacket person but I really like the bright blue, red and last black choice that you have shown. And I, too, have often wished fervently that shoulder pads would come back in. They really helped balance me out! I absolutely love them if the pleating or the gathering is subtle low mass - made on the upper side of the shoulder not down on sleeves front and back.

Then they will hopefully not broader the shoulders, rather only higher their edge. They are actually a bit avantgarde and even space age looking for me: Love the cobalt and the light blue one, they are the best to my eyes here. I really like this type of sleeve perhaps because I am pearish and girlish and have been sitting on my hands to preventing me from buiyng the blue one from Zara for a couple of weeks now. I will be passing on this trend, as my IT shoulder line is already strong enough!

However, I will enjoy the look on others. I actually have a peplum jacket with slight puff shoulders that I bought at NAS a few years ago. It looks more current to me when I pair it with jeans and a long tee, as opposed to a more feminine skirt look. This time around, however, I much, much prefer pleats instead of gathers at the shoulder.

I am, as you might imagine, a weak shouldered hourglass bordering on pear or maybe the reverse. I do think I recall seeing a few puffed shoulder blazers in the last year. More trend money saved! Not a chance for me with my shoulders and my style. When this style was in fashion in India for salwar kameez, I could barely fit through a doorway! They are great for my narrow shoulders.

The trick is finding the right fit most likely a petite so that the shoulders seems are on the right place on my shoulder. Thanks again for your helpful analysis! I also think it works for my shoulder shape and overall style. I like them for exactly the fit reason you mentioned: I wear ones that hide my broad shoulders inside the puffs. They can really make me look curvy—a rare experience! Definite yay for me! So this style works for narrow shoulders on a slim frame and narrower than hips shoulders of pretty pears.

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