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January 20, at White tie is another level up the formality ladder and should be worn with tails. I have a pair of blue loafers and a pair of black loafers.

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Colored Tuxedos Purple Tuxedos Pink Tuxedos Blue Tuxedos Orange Tuxedos Red Tuxedos Yellow Tuxedos Green Tuxedos We carry a unique collection of high-quality formal tuxedos in a variety of colors. From the bright yellow tuxedo to our classic black tuxedo, we have a tuxedo that will get you noticed at your next formal event not only with your.
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Five essential rules of engagement for modern black tie.

The Midnight Blue Tuxedo is a very dark shade of blue and will complement your skin tone almost the same way a classic black tuxedo would (we recommend black for men with darker skin tones). Get to .

The lapels, the tie and the satin on the side of the pants are all black. Suddenly introducing a stray color like brown to the mix would look out of place. Plus, technically a black tie affair is urbane if not urbane and brown shoes are considered too rustic for such an affair. Stick with black or navy shoes. I am wearing a navy blue peak lapel tuxedo to a wedding, what color bow tie, and shoes? Black tie is called black tie for a reason, Johnny. Blue formal slippers in velvet are a rakishly stylish look.

Hi black lapel, I am attending a black tie event for a work function there will be a lot of older men at this function, I was wondering if a royal blue tux would single me out too much from everyone else? Regardless of what others think, you should wear what you like best on you. So for my girlfriends party New Years Eve I found this awesome royal blue tuxedo jacket.

Only difference is that it is velvet instead of the traditional material but still has the black lapels. Since it does have more of a casual look than a standard royal blue tuxedo jacket; I was thinking of going with that and still wearing a white dress shirt with black slacks but a royal blue ascot istead of a bowtie and black brouge wingtiped derbys instead of oxfords. What do you think of the outfit? Like most of the other gentlemen here, I have an upcoming wedding that I am hoping to get a list minute detail answered.

I am wearing a midnight blue tuxedo with the stud button french cuff shirt and suspenders. I was originally planning on no cummerbund or vest, however after reading this it appears as though I should do the cummerbund. With that in mind, are there more slim cummerbund options? All the cummerbunds I have seen are fairly large, which I feel would look odd on me since I am slender guy. A cummerbund should be adjustable in the back to fit your waist.

The point of a cummerbund is to cover your stomach below the button of your jacket. As the guys over at the style site, Put This On pointed out recently this is a problem for a lot of guys when wearing suits. Wearing a cummerbund with a suit, would be strange. Wearing one with a tuxedo just makes you fully dressed. Makes total sense, thank you for the explanation. One thing I could have been more clear on though, was that I was referencing the width of the portion that goes across the front.

Are there different sizes for that? Try Brooks Brothers or J. Crew for sized ones. Then they are adjustable on top of that, so you can dial them in to fit you. As our name suggests, we believe dinner jackets should have black lapels. The black tie color palette may include more than just black and white items but not all at the same time.

The more colors you include in your black tie outfit, the less power the whole ensemble has. Our advice about the combination you described: Either go with a Royal Blue dinner jacket with black lapels and black pants or keep the dinner jacket and go with dark blue pants.

You should too, Brian. When it comes to menswear and colors, less really is more. I am wearing a black tux to an event coming up but want to buy a pair of velvet slippers. They have some pretty extravagant colored slippers available and I cant decide which color I would like or if I should go with black?

Specifically, do navy slippers work with a black tux? The look ends up muddled. We recommend that the slippers be black. If the tux is black, the accessories should be so that they look loud by comparison. Wanted to get your guys advice regarding my midnight blue tuxedo.

I gotta wedding coming up and I want to wear a neck tie not a bow tie with my tux is that a no-no? Also I love the brown tan shoes wtih the navy suit is that not the case with blue tux and black lapels? Will the car still run? Sure, but it throws the look off. As for the shoe color, our answer is similar. The strength of black tie comes from its simplicity. Introducing another, somewhat random, color into the outfit with your shoes will make them stick out.

Black shoes echo something else in the outfit and are a smart choice. They add interest, but still echo some other part of the outfit and keep things cohesive. We even put together a guide on how to do it. Check out our story on going Beyond Black Tie for ideas and inspiration. So wedding is coming up next month. Got a textured midnight blue tux jacket with black lapel and black trousers from Carolina Herrera.

Thoughta for tie and pocket square? Going black on shoes, but also what about shirt? Studs or no studs… Minds you the jacket texture stands out alot on its own. Do you hear that, Cameron?

Black tie accessories are pretty straightforward. Specifically, you should go with a black bow tie And a white silk pocket square is appropriate for a formal outfit.

When it comes to the shirt, your choice is your preference. You can get any Black Lapel tuxedo shirt made with holes for studs instead of buttons. We will offer this bit of guidance, though: If you do go with studs, you should plan to wear either a proper waist covering.

Waist covering, either a waistcoat or a cummerbund, is an essential part of a formal outfit because it keeps you from flashing and unsightly white triangle of shirt fabric at the bottom of your jacket. They stop at the waist. We hope this helps, Cameron, but feel free to email one of our stylists at concierge blacklapel. Hi — owner of a midnight blue tuxedo and I love it. No reason to go out and rent a black tux. Nor is there any reason for you to feel self conscious about wearing your midnight blue tux when others are wearing black.

When it comes to style, we agree with Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The only thing to fear is fear itself. Hello there Black Lapel — love your work! As an upcoming groom for a black tie wedding, I am torn between wearing a tailor made midnight blue, shawl collared tux OR a black, peak lapelled tux. The reason for the dilemma is that my groomsmen will all be wearing the latter, and I am conscious it might look a bit odd if I am not dressed uniformly for pictures etc.

Black shoes and a black bow tie will be worn by all of us. Any advice would be much appreciated. What will make you look your best on the big day.

Look out for an email from a Black Lapel stylist shortly. Just got my midnight blue tuxedo for my wedding. What accessories finishedgo for? Bridesmaids will be in blue dresses and silver dresses. Do I go for silver now tie and waistcoat or cummerbund? Or just a black now tie and blue waistcoat? Black tie still requires a bit of restraint when it comes to the accessories.

We recommend that the bow ties for everyone be black. Black tie sets the level of formality. One level up would be white tie like you see at the Nobel Prize ceremony and at coronations and other extremely formal affairs. The same goes for the cummerbund. But the thing is, blue tuxedos are almost as old and traditional as black tie itself. So even though we showed some pretty modern takes on the tux, we can still answer perhaps the most important question in classic menswear in the affirmative: Would Cary Grant wear it?

If not, be careful, you may be skating on thin ice. The bridesmaids will be wearing very light ice blue dresses. I was originally thinking gray suits for my groomsmen and I but I really like the formal, classical look of black tuxes. Would black tuxes look ok with their very light blue dresses?

Also, I was thinking of maybe wearing a blue jacket with black pants to stand out from my groomsmen. A Black Lapel stylist will contact you directly to learn more about your situation and provide you with answers. Winter wedding this coming January. Considering midnight blue tux with black bowtie, french cuff fly front shirt and brown shoes. I love the look of the 3 piece but my fiancé loves suspenders. Suggestions for midnight blue vest vs suspenders?

Perhaps you could come to a compromise with your fiance too. Maybe wear the suspenders of her choice during the ceremony and for pictures, but then change into a vest for the reception when your jacket is likely to come off to dance, eat, etc. One last suggestion for your outfit: We are getting married at a resort in Hawaii in February. We were originally thinking a gray suit would be perfect, but my fiance is now leaning towards wanting to wear a midnight blue tux.

Thanks for your help! The tux is certainly appropriate for your groom, but it is going to dress everything up a bit. This means the groomsmen should be a little more formal too and coordinate with the groom without stealing his thunder. If your fiance was wearing a black tux, we would recommend medium to dark gray suits for the groomsmen. Both of these suits will match with the bridesmaids and pull everyone and everything together.

Im supposed to be toastmaster in a wedding this weekend. I have a very dark blue Shawl Lapel Velvet Blazer, with black formal pants, black bowtie, and a shirt like to the left in the pic. I have a little struggle with shoes. I have a black, very formal pair and i got a pair of burgundy formal loafers.

Should i drop the loafers, and Go black? Burgundy formal loafers sound dope, but better to stick with black for this ensemble.

I let my Groomsmen pick their suites and they went for the suit on the next link, what colour bowtie do you recommend? Also please note that the bridesmaids are wearing blush dresses and thought of making the guys wear a very light pint shirt will that be a bad idea?

Congrats on the upcoming wedding, Kuda. We dig your tux look. In terms of your groomsmen, matching them to your bridesmaids was a good thought.

Do you think this would go along or should I avoid wearing a cummerband? This sounds like a pretty swank get up to us. You also have the option of wearing a waistcoat if you so choose. Just make sure in both cases that the silk matches up perfectly with your lapel and bow tie. Would wearing a black cummerband with the royal blue trouser look a mismatch. No, the black silk cummerbund will match your black silk lapels and black bow tie.

So it should pull your whole look together! What shoes would you think would go great with the Royal Blue tux? I have a pair of blue loafers and a pair of black loafers. Would derbies look good also? Either black or blue loafers will work nicely with a royal blue tux. Like we mentioned above though, if you go the blue route try and stick to a shade that is darker than the rest of the suit.

Derby shoes are going to make the look considerably more sporty, so keep the event in mind before making that choice. I am thinking of wearing a royal blue broad shawl collar tuxedo, black pants, black bowtie and black leather shoes. However, i am confused whether I should wear black shirt or white.

Please suggest me some other combinations with blue tux too. A black shirt would be a major faux pas. Why, the elegance of a tuxedo comes from its strong contrasts. Part of its formality comes from its white shirt considered the most formal. Black shirts should be reserved for casual affairs.

Adding one to a tuxedo kills the contrast and the formality of the look. Love the advice and tips for mixing it up a bit. I actually own a very nice black Hugo Boss tuxedo, slim fit.

Would the black tuxedo pants from that tux work with your royal blue dinner jacket? By that, I mean does the black from those pants have to be an exact match for the black on the shawl lapel? Also, is your dinner jacket a trim fit? Everything is custom made to the measurements of the owner. So our Slim Fit is slim relative to the wearer.

It follows his contours more closely than our Tailored or Standard fits. As for the jacket, you could get just the Royal Blue Custom Dinner Jacket and wear it with your black tuxedo pants. We take into account things like a quarter inch difference between how high your left and right shoulders are when we make your clothes. It is your wedding after all. Also, as you suggested, not all tuxedo trims are alike. So we say take a half-step for this once in a lifetime event. Go all the way with custom made clothes head-to-toe.

Check out our black tie selection. What other options for shoes would you suggest other than the slipper? Congrats on the upcoming wedding, Mike. We recommend this classic pair from Loake. Thank you very much for your advise. Another thing if i decide against using cufflinks and studs on the shirt. Would the hidden button shirt be okay. Great article and great advice. Am doing the Royal Blue Tuxedo for my wedding.

Full Royal blue suit with trousers and waistcoat? Thin, medium or thick black lapels? Which are the ones you have in the pictures above? Will these be ok do you think? To answer the first question, those are shawl lapels on the tuxedos above. Our shawl lapels only come in one width skinny or wide shawl lapels look weird.

While we do make peak lapel blue tuxedos we recommend shawl lapels for the smooth uninterrupted line of black that wraps around your neck when you wear a shawl lapel. Spectator shoes are for daytime and more casual affairs like spectator sports. A proper pair of formal evening shoes like the ones above are the way to go if you want to add a relaxed but still appropriately dressy vibe to your look.

Shawl lapels it is. Not for a wedding. Do the blue tuxedos above ever come with blue waistcoats or is that not a done thing with tuxedos? Black brogues are a good investment that can be worn time and time again. To address your other question: We even offer them as a tuxedo customization option at Black Lapel.

A black bow tie is a classic black tie staple and is the only tuxedo styling we recommend. The shirt will be white. Should he use the pleated front shirt. Also what colour cufflinks and studs should be used. Unlike other dress codes i. While there is some wiggle room with the color of the tuxedo, the tie in black tie should be black and it should be a bow tie. So, our recommendation is to put him in a perenially stylish black bow tie.

As for cufflinks and studs, again black is the way to go. Quite the opposite, a controlled color palatte can bring energy and excitement to a look. They often wear only one. This is one of the many ways men and women differentiate their styles.

Simplifying the look with fewer colors, only helps create that masculine look. Do you think it would be better to wear a Navy blue bow tie or a black bow tie with a blue tux very much like the one pictured on the left above? The suit has black lapels and a black stripe going down the sides of the pants. Black tie is called black tie for a reason, Manny. Go with black like we did in all of the pictures above. For instance, according to the dictates of formalwear a black bow tie signifies formality think weddings but a white tie is a step higher in formality think Nobel Peace Prize ceremonies.

These rules of etiquette go back generations. We say, avoid a misstep and stick to the traditional bow tie rules and wear a black one. Where are those velvet slip ons from? Any recommendations on where I can get a quality pair for not too great of a price? Also, this is probably not a great place to ask this, since you do custom tailoring, but I have a tux which I would like to get tailored. What are your inputs regarding finding a trustworthy tailor in your city?

If you were a local NYC customer of ours, we would recommend you to one of our tailors here. Otherwise, we recommend out-of-state customers head to Yelp and read reviews thoroughly to find a trustworthy tailor.

You can also read up on how to communicate to your tailor exactly how you want your tux to look post-alteration. What are some suitable options for my seven groomsmen? We think a very dark gray will still make your groomsmen look very dapper and well-coordinated. For our wedding, my fiancé is wearing a midnight blue tux with black lapels and so are his groomsmen.

We are trying to figure out the bow tie color. We were thinking of going with something different for the groom to stand out.

My fiancé has reddish brown hair and brown eyes. Any ideas for bow tie options for both the groom and groomsmen? Are there any other fun options? Black tie is called black tie for a reason. According to tradition, the color of the tie actually carries meaning.

For instance, white tie is extremely formal you only see it at inaugurations, Nobel Prize ceremonies and other equally dressy affairs. So we say stick with black bow ties and differentiate your future husband from his groomsmen in other ways like him wearing a waistcoat while they wear cummerbunds or him wearing a wing collar shirt while they wear turn down collars. Wearing a blue tuxedo for my wedding.

There are some breakable rules regarding black tie but the color of the tie is not one of them. Because the color of the tie actually has meaning. White tie signifies stepping up in formality. While a black tie event is formal, a white tie event even more formal like getting a Nobel Prize , or hanging out with the Queen. Navy blue tux with black lapel. Those will work, Nel.

As for the socks, traditionalists would say you should wear your finest blue socks, maybe something with some silk in them to keep things crispy. The modern take on the topic is a little more lenient with some stylish guys opting to go sockless in black tie. On the flip side, if your ankles are so bronzed people ask you if you were the model for the FTD logo , then feel free to air them.

If you do take the latter route, just be smart about going sockless so that you avoid stinking up your shoes. If my date is wearing a royal blue dress is it OK to wear a navy blue tux or should I wear black?

Wear what looks best on you. You are investing in a piece of classic menswear that should serve you for years to come. Instead, make sure it fits you flawlessly and that you wear it confidently. Then, when she sees you in a great looking tuxedo the last thing on her mind will be making sure you two match.

On my reception function evening, my skin is not to much fair, which colour of tuxedo is suitable for my skin for bold looking and better photograps, blue or black???

Whick type of shoe is suitable either shoe of valvet slipper??? Midnight blue is the safest bet, Manthan. Go with what you like the best. I have brown skin and I am considering wearing a midnight blue tuxedo with black lapels and midnight blue pants for my prom this year.

Would you recommend that for a brown skin tone? The Midnight Blue Tuxedo is a very dark shade of blue and will complement your skin tone almost the same way a classic black tuxedo would we recommend black for men with darker skin tones. You could also opt for a bow tie.. Black tie means a bow tie. The red bow is an odd quirk.

Red is too strong of a color to wear with a black shoe in your black tie outfit. You two are sharing the marriage, so you two should share the wedding. With that in mind, we suggest you wear what you like. Of course you can. But why wear what you think other people want you to wear to your own wedding? Show them all your sublime style with great looking untux. Always wear a white shirt with any black tie look!

Brown shoes with black tie are a big no-no, Ronald. Your fears are well founded, Tim. Thoughts on the following for a black-tie optional NYE event? Looks like you read our Beyond Black Tie story and decided to challenge the status quo, Mike.

In that story we wrote about bending some black tie rules. We say go for it. Haters are gonna hate, but you gotta do you.

Thanks for the feedback! In my original post, I forgot to mention my lapels were the same blue as the jacket itself. Regardless, I like how the ensemble turned out. That would change our outlook on the bow tie. When it comes to black tie, we typically encourage just that—a black tie. Or in this case, a black bowtie.

However if this happens to be your wedding tuxedo and pink is a theme color in your wedding, than you could probably pull it off. If not, stay classy and go for black. Would you please tell me what site those suspenders came from? They are from The British Belt Company. Thank you for this article, but i am still confused, which one suits me more, Royal blue tux with black pant and white shirt or Midnight blue tux.

Royal Blue stands out more in a crowd of black tuxedos and midnight blue suggests a subtle certainty of style a step above the classic black tuxedo. Look in the mirror and ask yourself which one you envision yourself wearing. Thank you for this great article. However, I need an extra clarification. My skin color is brown. The colors of lapel, shoes, cummerbund and bow are creating some confusion.

I will be very grateful if you can suggest me with any other option s , if required. Sounds like a good black tie outfit except for one thing: A red bow tie and cummerbund would add yet another color to the mix in an already colorful outfit and lessen the impact of the blue tux. Let the tux be the star of the show and keep the accessories black for a classy, yet modern look.

Should I wear black shoes and white shirt with Royal blue tuxedo with a bit bluish lapels? As for the shirt, yes, classic white is the name of the game. I love the blue jackets- never originally been a fan till I saw Ryan Gosling in one…immediately made me think twice! You cant care less what impression your dress makes. To me Black is more impressive than blue in case of corporate world, however I might be wrong.

Any way, I like the sense of dressing you have presented here. Is black more impressive or more formal? We think the latter. In the office, we usually steer clear of the black suits in favor of more forgiving blues and grays, but the black suit look can be pulled off. Something that needs to be added: Velvet slippers without socks? I thought traditionally velvet slippers are great but socks are supposed to be worn.

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Men's Wearhouse is your source for men's tuxedos, black tie attire & formal wear including formal shirts, pants, shoes, vests, ties & more. Shop now! of over 3, results for "blue and black tuxedo" Spring Notion Little Boys' Tuxedo Set with Bow Tie and Handkerchief. by Spring Notion. $ - $ $ 40 $ 59 95 Prime. Some sizes/colors are Prime eligible. out of 5 stars Product Features. The Midnight Blue Tuxedo is a very dark shade of blue and will complement your skin tone almost the same way a classic black tuxedo would (we recommend black for men with darker skin tones). Get to .