What You Should Know Before Stepping Foot Into A Health Club

So you decided to do something about your fitness level. Naturally you think the first thing to do is join a big chain health club or gym. That’s a great idea if you know what you’re getting into. Think about these 5 following areas before you decide about which place you should join.

It’s a great idea – yes – if you use it.

However, here are 5 key things you need to think about before you step foot into any gym or health club.

1. “We don’t care care if you show up at our health club”

The sad fact is, the January rush ends in a cash surge for the big Health Clubs and the same amount of members as there were in the previous December.

Fitness goals and resolutions often just end up in long-term contracts and no-results.

That’s exactly what the clubs expect of you. To drop your resolution and never show up, but still paying the bills for the 1-2 year contract you signed up for.

2. “Our trainers don’t know what they’re doing”

Chances are once you get a membership to a health club an in-house personal trainer will try and sell you on their expertise.

Spokane health club trainers need no accredited certification to be out there on the floor flexing their guns. $50 and a 10-min online quiz can get you a certificate and title that sounds snazzy, but they aren’t worthwhile.

Look for quality personal trainers that can guarantee results.

3. “We want you to pay forever for our health club”

If you think getting started on a fitness plan is tough, try quitting your health club. Trouble canceling gym memberships is one of the top complaints among gym members.

The huge chain clubs are just out to deposit your money into their accounts each month. They want you to keep paying, but stay home. After all it doesn’t do the health clubs any good if you come into their gym.

Which in turn doesn’t do you any good if your just paying for a gym membership

4. “Your stuff isn’t safe at our health clubs”

Think your belongings are safe in a big health club? Think again?

A recent report explained how a group of burglars stealing credit cards from lockers of health club members. You can’t be sure who is lurking around the health club locker room while your working out.

Now you can’t even bring anything with you to the gym. You’ll just have to carry your keys in your back pocket while you workout in any health clubs.

5. “Sales is our #1 health club goal”

When they offer you a sales appointment at their health club, what should you do?

While that offer sounds enticing, fast-talking and slicked sales reps will ensure you leave with more than just more information and insight, but a brand new long-term contract you can’t refuse.

Don’t read the fine print, it will still apply to your membership and contract. One such website of a large health club promised a 30-day free trial membership. But the catch, if you don’t show up at least 12 times, you’ll be locked into a multiyear membership.