Health Club Marketing and the Internet

Health club marketing and the Internet are really natural partners, especially given the nature of our new digital millennium. A club many times will fail if it doesn’t use the advantages built into Internet marketing, as a matter of fact. It’s well-known that most people now head to the Internet first when it comes to finding out information on just about anything, these days. This can be a helpful phenomenon for any smart club owner, as a matter of fact.

Now, how to engage in health club marketing on the Internet is something any savvy health clud will learn to do in relatively short order. For starters, the club has to make sure it has a website. Then, it must ensure the site itself is well-designed and populated with interesting and useful information. A good site also has a way for potential clients to leave an email address at the least. This is called a submission page, or submission link. It’s a way to get a customer even more helpful or useful health information, at heart.

Why have something like a submission page? Well, it allows a club to first give something of value to the casual visitor, for starters. And gotten, the address can be added to a mailing list. But always remember to give the potential client something of value in return for that name and email. It might just be a “ten best ways to exercise” tip sheet, or even a complete eBook on fitness. Studies show that people are more willing to give out a bit of personal information when they know they’re getting something of value in trade.

Smart health clubs and their owners tend to use many different Internet-based methods to market themselves on the ‘Net. Banner ads on a health related website or a local newspaper’s online site are just one way to get the word out. They’re actually relatively low-cost, especially when compared to traditional print or radio ads. And keep in mind that many Internet businesses devoted to making up brochures and flyers exist. Oftentimes, they’re cheaper to use than old-time print shops or stores.

Good clubs know that spreading the word about a club depends at least partly on how good the club’s website is. They also understand that getting that site highly visible on all the major search engines is an important part of any marketing program. A site is considered highly visible when its listed within the first three pages on a big search engine’s information pages after a customer types in a term related to the club, like “fitness,” or “health.”

Now, getting high visibility is an activity that encompasses its own set of methods. Usually, it’s done by driving Internet visitor traffic to the club website. This is accomplished in part by ensuring that people who are out on the Internet looking for fitness articles find the ones written by the club’s staff on many of the article directories which exist for this purpose.

Internet article directories — and there are a lot of them — exist to give information on a wide variety of topics to their subscribers. Clubs need to take the time to learn how they’re submitted and then get busy on generating articles about fitness to them. At least initially, a club may want to consider hiring a writer and somebody who knows how this is done.